Transportation and Travel

Interurban bus transportation


Orléans Express (interurban bus) have a stop in the village of Percé (in front of the Tourist Office at 142 route 132 Ouest).  The bus will be departing at 8h10 am towards Baie des Chaleurs and at 22h19 to Gaspé (where it will stop for the night).  Percé is a step on / step down only, the passengers will need (mandatory) to have their tickets in hand to get on board in Percé. The tickets can be bought online in advance and printed.


For more information about rates, tickets, itineraries and schedules of Orléans Express buses :


For more info about rates, tickets, itineraries and schedules of the local shuttle to and from Percé :


Car rentals agencies


The town of Percé do not have any car rental agencies on place, but arrangements can be made with the agencies located in Grande-Rivière and Gaspé.


In Grande-Rivière

519, Grande-Allée Ouest
Phone : 418-385-3299


In Gaspé

Location d'autos Marcel Burton

1012, route Haldimand
Gaspé, Québec G4X 2H7
Phone : 418 368-0611

164 boulevard Gaspé
Gaspé, Québec G4X1A9
Téléphone : 418 368-1970


Gaspé : Aéroport, 418 368-1541
Aéroport de Gaspé
Toll free : 1 (888) 657-3035



Taxi Porlier : à partir de Gaspé ou Chandler
Gaspé : 418-368-3131
Chandler : 418-689-5566

Air transportation


Air Canada

Air Canada offers daily flights to Gaspé Airport (YGP) departing from Québec (YQB) and Montréal (YUL).

The Gaspé airport is located about 65 km from the village of Percé.



Ferry cruise Montréal – Gaspé – Îles de la Madeleine


From June to September, a ferry cruise offers a weekly cruise from Montréal to Îles de la Madeleine with a stop in Chandler (40 km from Percé). The ship can accommodate passengers and vehicles.


For more information or réservation :

CTMA Vacancier
Téléphone : 418 986-3278
Sans frais : 1 888 986-3278
Télécopieur : 418 986-5101



International cruise ships

Arriving on a Cruise ships :
If you are travelling to our region onboard a cruise ship, and wish to learn more about our region and all of the activities offered to cruise passengers, you can contact our office in charge of welcoming the cruise ships in the Gaspé-Percé area :

Email :
Phone : 418 368 7064

For more general information about the cruise ships on the St-Lawrence River :

VTT (All terrain vehicule)


The village of Percé is accessible to the Quad via the Federated path of the Club VTT du Rocher.

Three hotels are located very close to the intersection with route 132, allowing you to walk in the village of Percé.

We suggest you to make reservation in advance and specify that you are traveling by Quad.

For now the access to the gas station in the village via route 132 is not possible. Plan enough gas.

Le Motel Le Macareux: 1-866-602-2414

Le Riôtel de Percé: 1-800-463-4212

L'Hôtel-Motel Fleur de Lys: 1-800-399-5380


For safety reasons, it is forbidden to circulate by Qud in the village of Percé, in all the hikings trails of Percé and on the road of Mont Ste Anne and la Grotte.


For more infos on the Gaspé Peninsula and other VTT / Quad destination you can visit: or for more info on the provincial VTT / Quad trails & clubs:



Information to follow in the meantime please refer to : Off-season vacation
Thank you for your understanding.



If you plan to do visit our region on a bicycle, here are a few information you might need to travel safely in our beautiful and scenic landscapes, the first thing to do would be to visit the Website of Vélo Québec and to look at the maps of the Route Verte (cycling roads of Québec):


Travelling by bicycle on the road to Percé Rock is certainly spectacular and it comprises its share of challenges, especially if you decide to take the Route 132 between Coin-du-Banc and the village of Percé.  This part of the road is very sinuous, hilly, the sides of the road are narrow and the summer traffic can be dense. You must be careful.  Or you can take an easier (but longer) option via Route Lemieux as far as Anse-à-Beaufils and ride back towards Percé.  You could also decide to take Route d’Irlande (via Route Lemieux) this road is also hilly (uphill and downhill) and a little sinuous but with less traffic.


In the village of Percé, most of the activities and services are accessible within a walking distance from the center of the village.  No need for motorized vehicle.


If you need a «more specialized» repair shop for bicycle, the closest one is Sport Excellence in Grande-Rivière at (418) 385 2345 (33 km from Percé). Do not hesitate to come and see us at the Tourist Office (142 route 132) in the center of the village, we will do our best to help you.


If you plan to do part of your trip by bus transportation, here are a few tips: Orléans Express bus stops are located in Grande-Rivière (33 km from Percé) and in Gaspé (75 km from Percé). Shuttles are available to take you to Percé or from Percé in concordance with bus schedules. Please refer to our Interurban bus transportation section in our Transportation and travel section of the Website for all the details for shuttles and buses.

If you need a box for your bicycle, we keep a few of the mat the Tourist Office, if you want to make sure that one is kept for you, you can call us at 1 855 782 5448 or email us at or and let us know.  You can pay for it when you pick it up.

Car sharing

You can have access to various services of car sharing or car pooling in the region, each has its own specificities, visit their Websites for détails.

Amigo Express

To contact toll free: 1-877-264-4697, every day from 9h00 to 21h00
Car sharing on long distances.

Covoiturage express :

Hitchhike with Radio-Gaspésie :
The local radio station Radio-Gaspésie offers the service of broadcasting various offers of car sharing in the région.
Tél : 418-368-3511 ou toll free 1 866-360-3511
Gaspé : 94,5 FM